Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teaching ESL

As you can see, I have only had time lately to post links to other interesting sites. I have been so busy with my graduate course in teaching ESL, I haven't really had time to write any original blog entries. My class will end soon, and I'm not taking any courses this summer, so I'll have lots of time to write. I've been working on the course for several hours today. In addition to writing the final paper, I have read an interesting study on the problems caused when Arab students use e-dictionaries to translate passages.

If any of you are studying English as a Second Language, I'd love your comments on what you think is helpful and what is difficult for you.

Since there seems to be some interest in this topic, the article is: "Impact of E-dictionaries on Arab students' translation strategies," by Abdul-Fattah Al-Jabar. It's in Volume 54 Issue 2 of Babel.

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