Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Sarah Palin a reincarnation of Spiro Agnew?

Sarah Palin's attack on journalists, and anyone else who was in her crosshairs, reminded me of Spiro Agnew's comments about, "...effete impudent snobs, pusillanimous pussyfooters, and nattering nabobs." Instead of discussing issues, Palin resorted to personal attacks on Obama/Biden, their supporters and anyone who doesn't agree with her conservative views. She's got to realize that most women and men are, I hope, too intelligent to fall for these stale old Republican tactics.

By the way, Phyllis Schlafly(remember her)?, is not reincarnated, she's still with us. I heard her speaking from the floor of the Republican convention, stating that the platform and the party were going to drive John McCain "after" he's elected. She also had the gall to infer that if a Democratic woman had been pregnant with a Down Syndrome child, the woman would have had an abortion. How does she know the lives and views of all women?

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